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About Us

The Citron Hotels & Suites is one of the top hotels in Ibadan Metropolis. It is strategically situated in the high brow area of Ibadan, very much shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offers a place of ultimate comfort and relaxation, thanks to the one stop hospitality services made available to our esteemed guests.


Overlooking the Golf Club, the Polo ground and the high-end shopping mall (Jericho Mall), it is just about 5 minutes drive to the City Centre and only 30 minutes away from the Local Airport and the newly built Ibadan Railway station.

Ibadan city is the third most populous (approx. 6.6 million) in Nigeria. It has a very rich cultural heritage and interesting history. It is the site of the first television station in Africa and home of Nigeria’s first university (University of Ibadan) and the first sky-scrapper (Cocoa House) opened in 1965.