Ibadan is a city with loads of experience to offer.  The city has a vibrant history and mindblowing stories about Yoruba warriors and conquests. It also gives you a bunch of opportunities to explore interesting places on your trip.

If you’re in town for a family vacation, surprise party, wedding, business meeting, or personal adventure, you’ll find a lot of fun places to visit in Ibadan. Keep reading as we reveal some of these awesome places.


Agodi Gardens - fun places to visit in Ibadan

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1. Agodi Gardens


Agodi Gardens presents a perfect blend of nature and delight. Hosting a magical view at the foot of Mokola Hills, the garden lets you explore the beauty of nature. There’s a cool picnic area with outstanding landscaping that helps you unleash a happy time with your loved ones. The garden has a mini zoo, a soothing lake, an active water park, and offers exciting horse rides to show you around. Other fun activities you can do here include paintballing, cycling, and fishing.


Bower tower - fun places in ibadan 1

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2. Bower’s Tower


The tower stands proud on Oke Are Hill and has a history around its development. Named after the first Travel Commissioner and British resident – Captain Bower, it served as a watchtower in the colonial days. It was designed by Taffy Jones who also designed the Mapo Hall. The tower is 60ft tall. Climbing to the top through its spiral staircase rewards you with a lavish view of the city. It’s a breathtaking experience – literally and it’s worth it. You can also have a picnic there with your friends or family. 


Ventura Mall interesting places in ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

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3. Ventura Mall


This is the place to relax and chill with arcade games, movies, and fun for everyone. Ventura Mall bustles with a lot of entertaining activities and shopping. It also has a range of restaurants for food lovers to explore. The mall is located at Samonda GRA, Ibadan.

IITA Forest Reserve - Places to go in Ibadan

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4. IITA Forest Reserve


The Internationa Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) presents an astounding mix of nature and vibrant landscaping. The forest is a distinguished fun place to visit in Ibadan. With various species of birds, plants, reptiles, and mammals, there is a lot for you to see. Here, you can observe nature’s magnificence while you enjoy every moment. With 350 hectares of Land, the IITA Forest Reserve blooms with a golf course, some lakes, ponds, lush greenery. You can enjoy a picnic, play golf, or hike around the forest. 


Mapo hall - fun places to go in ibadan

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5. Mapo Hall


The Mapo Hall is another emblem of history in the city of Ibadan and another site to cross on your tour list. The hall is known for its unique architecture. Within the hall is a museum that holds relics of the chains used to hold tax evaders at the time and the pictures of past and present Obas (Kings).


Citron Hotels Sky Bar


6. Citron Hotels


Citron Hotels is a top-class hotel located at Kudeti Avenue, Onireke GRA, Ibadan. The hotel boasts a rich ambiance and gives you a delightful combination of nature and comfort. It also includes various fun spots for your pleasure. There’s a sky lounge, swimming pools, outdoor area, private beach, restaurant, and more. You can have all the fun in one location. Citron Hotels offers leisure facilities that make everything convenient.  


Ibadan is a beautiful city and there are lots of places to visit during your stay. The experience gives you a rich sense of culture. It also inspires a sense of adventure and discovery. You also meet new people who could become lifelong friends. Happily, you return home with more stories to tell and beautiful pictures that help you appreciate your trip.

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