Hosting a wedding is all about gathering loved ones and family to experience the wedding of your dream. It’s exciting and it’s worth the hype! 



After the engagement comes the wedding plans and the main event. This includes schedules, bookings, hotel reservations, invitations, and more. Hosting a wedding is a real job and you want to make the best memories while at it. However, it’s easy to miss the details because a lot of activities seem to happen at the same time.  There’s a big chance you already have a mental picture of your dream wedding and all you need is to set things in motion. Behind every fabulous wedding is a well-planned series of events. This is the secret to hosting the perfect wedding


how to host a wedding in nigeria




Do know how that sensational wedding reception that got you excited happened? It was all about the Plan! Planning and hosting a wedding work like two peas in a pod. You shouldn’t try to have one without the other. Therefore, all pre-wedding activities revolve around making plans and executing them. Let’s show you how.


1. Pick a Date


Good news travels fast. The word about your engagement is spreading already and well-wishers are excited to know when the wedding is happening. Certain factors like availability, venue, and other plans may influence the date you choose. So, it is important to pick a date that is realistic for everyone you will be inviting. It’s not a bad idea to confirm when most of your family members will be available especially if you have guests coming from a different city or country. Also, give yourself enough time to plan for your big day.


2. Make a budget


Money conversations can be tricky. Especially for weddings. This is because there’s a lot to buy, rent and hire. As a result, it’s easy to lose track of where your money went. For this reason, it is important to have the difficult conversation with your partner, conclude on a practical budget and work around it. That way, you can have a great wedding and maintain your finances afterward.


how to plan a wedding

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3. Send Invitations


Some intending couples are more private than others and that’s not a deal-breaker. In fact, it’s important to know what works for you and your partner.  This will help you make a feasible guest list for your wedding. Determine the numbers of guests you would love to be present and make a list of family members and friends that you will be inviting. Now is also a good time to select your bridesmaids and groomsmen because they will help you execute some of your plans. You should have a backup plan too.  Also, confirm availability from guests who have to travel a long distance. It is advisable to leave room for guests who may come up later.


4. Your MC is not a last-minute thought


Your Master of Ceremonies (MC) is in the driver’s seat. He/ she is the host and will steer the course of your event. This makes the MC another priority on your list. Go for someone with the type of energy you want at your wedding. Your MC should be able to create the type of atmosphere you desire because they will be representing you and your partner. It is important to have this discussion beforehand. Make bookings early enough, and always check back to reconfirm availability and review the order of events. 


5. Pick a Venue


You have a budget, you have a guest estimate, you have a date… What next? Your wedding venue! This is another area where you should ask important questions. “ Do we want an indoor or outdoor wedding?” “What kind of setting do we want?” “What are the facilities available?”… The list goes on. The bottom line is that you choose a venue that is suitable for the type of wedding you want. Consider the proximity to your location and that of your guests. This will determine if you need to make hotel reservations or not.


6. Reservations 


If you have friends and family traveling all the way for you. It’s lovely! This gesture shows that you are very dear to them so you want to make things easier for them. Handling hotel reservations is important because it creates an orderly flow on your wedding day. It’s best to choose hotels very close to the venue so guests can arrive and leave conveniently. It also makes you a good host and they’ll be glad they showed up for you. Choose a hotel with great hospitality and facilities that your guest will appreciate. 



7. Make plans for food


What type of meals do you want to serve? When choosing a caterer, weigh the options and go for the best because food is an essential part of many events. In most cases, it is the highlight. It’s also good to provide variety. You can decide if you want a single vendor or multiple catering services. When it comes to food, always have a backup plan.



how to plan a wedding - wedding planning

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8. Get dressed


Your outfit is a priority on the list. Look for inspiration, ask friends for ideas too. Decide if you’ll have a bespoke or prefabricated outfit. Try out your outfit several times before your wedding so you can detect issues and fix them early enough. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should also do the same.


9. Capture the moment


You’re making memories on the day of your wedding, you want to have the best hands on camera. Decide which photography and video crew you’ll be working with. Make appointments with them if possible and make bookings ahead of time. A backup plan is also advisable here.


It’s true that hosting a wedding can be overwhelming. Choosing to hire an event planner will take most of the burden off you. However, if you choose to handle your wedding plans, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Weigh all the options, prioritize your list, take enough time to plan. Remember that it’s about you and the love of your life so don’t let the pressure of a “perfect wedding” ruin the pleasure of a “perfect moment”.

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