Planning a surprise party comes with a lot of “undercover” work. Stealth is a major tool here. It may be challenging to get people on board, but when you do, it’s best to make the effort count. Surprise parties turn out to be memorable moments for those involved. The excitement, the energy,  and the happy tears are enough to make you appreciate everything you invested to make it happen. If you’re looking for a way to make your surprise party a success, here’s a quick guide for you.


When to Plan a Surprise Party


There’s no strict rule about when you can surprise a loved one. However, it is often done to celebrate special events in a person’s life. These events include birthdays, bridal showers, bachelor parties, wedding anniversaries, graduations, promotions, baby showers, new appointments, and more. Sometimes, you can choose to surprise someone because of how awesome they’ve been to you.


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Some Ideas for you


There are different types of surprise parties you can plan. This depends on the resources at your disposal, the people involved and the interest of your special guest. It could be a private beach party, an Indoor party, a surprise dinner, an outdoor party, a pool party, or a picnic. Ensure that the ideas you go with will befit the personality of your guest.


Before the Plan


When planning to surprise anyone – friend, partner, or family; it is important to consider all the relevant details. First, you must know the personality and temperament of whoever you are planning this for, do they like surprises? Not everyone does, What do they like? What will get them excited? Knowing this will help you plan an event that provokes the right response – genuine appreciation.


How to Plan a Surprise Party


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1. Think Like a Spy


Make your guest of honour provide the information you need without asking. Bring up party conversations in the most natural way and see how they respond to them. Pay attention to the things they say, places they go, who their close friends are, and activities they enjoy. Talk to friends and relatives, dig up previous memories and experiences with this person. The aim is to gather enough intel for all your decisions.


2. Recruit your accomplices 


These should be people who are good at keeping secrets. They should also be close friends to your celebrant who are willing to make your plan achievable. Assign a task to each member of your team as your work to pull off the big surprise. 


3. Set a Budget


Budgets for surprise parties should not be unrealistic. This depends on the size of the party you want to have and how much other people are willing to contribute.  The budget will come in after you gather information about all that you need for the party. 


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4. Choose a date


If the plan is to execute this surprise on a special day (birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc) there’s a high chance that you want to work with the exact date if it’s feasible. If otherwise, you can choose other days that are close enough to the date. Remember, plans for the surprise party should start long before the event. 


5. Choose a venue


When choosing a venue for the party, consider the kind of places they like to visit. If they are curious about new places, you can do this in a place they always longed to visit. Choose somewhere they would be willing to go. Citron hotels has the perfect spots for any kind of party you are planning. We have venues for outdoor events, restaurants for a vibrant dinner party, a private beach for a sweet party by the ocean, and more. 


6. Plan your hoax


Like we said earlier, the keyword for any surprise party is stealth. Come up with a cover story or create a good diversion when they’re suspicious. You also want to come up with a convincing way to get them to your location. Also, you should ensure that they are dressed for the occasion or keep an outfit for them in case.


When planning a surprise party, the honoree is your focus, everything should be about them. You may be tempted to include items you and your accomplices like but don’t get carried away. Make it about them, that’s the only way to make it personal.

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